Animation, Branding, Video, Visual Identity

Anditi is a visionary and a highly innovative company which provides software solutions to bring insights to big data in a fast and precise manner. The nature of their work is very technical and difficult to explain to potential clients.


Anditi came to us to design a sales tool that they could use to clearly communicate why and how they do what they do. This would help engage new business and build brand awareness. We developed an animation which would be a part of a wider online strategy that was to be rolled out through their new website. Over a series of collaborative sessions we developed a direction and message for the animation which resulted in a visually interesting and easy to understand animation. The animation since completion is serving Anditi well and lives on their website as a main tool to drive new business.


In 2017, Anditi were sponsors of Surfest, so we developed a second series of animations to speak to the Surfest audience. The animations featured a point cloud visualisation of the Newcastle coastline. The visualisation ran from the Newcastle light house, past Nobby’s and all the way down to Merewether where Surfest is held. The animations were an impressive example of how the technology Anditi offer can capture the real world in a detailed 3D model.