Hunter Surf Life Saving – Water Safety

Animation, Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, Video, Visual Identity

Hunter Surf Life Saving (HSLS) has been around for 100 years and over that time has saved countless amounts of lives on beaches around Newcastle.


We were asked to help HSLS continue their invaluable service by reaching out to the younger generation, building awareness around beach and pool safety, before they are in dangers way. The approach included developing relatable characters that could engage children and be a part of future growth for HSLS. The characters, Dan Saver, Sandy and Splash were brought to life through animation which speaks about rip safety and pool safety.


The animations were released to digital displays in McDonald’s restaurants, local television and through a social media campaign. The safety messages visualised in the animations were assisted at the beach though the use of flags, banners and tent signage. Over the life of the campaign, thousands have been reach, educated and potentially saved.